Nothing Lasts Forever


For years, literally years, we’ve watched the Lady Huskies of the University of Connecticut dominate the Women’s college basketball landscape. In fact, dominate could very well be an understatement for how well this team has played in recent history. This week, the world finally saw the 111-game winning streak come to an end at the hands of the Mississippi State.

Just for some background on how great this team has been during this legendary streak, this is a streak that’s been going on since November 23, 2014. That is 867 days that they remained undefeated. During this streak, the Huskies were never ranked lower than number 3 in the nation. This streak also included 61 wins where they defeated their opponents by 40 or more points. 108 of their wins were games decided by a double-digit margin, so only 3 of their games were close games (according to And before this streak, they had a 46 game win streak, so yeah this team is pretty good.

UCONN’s women’s basketball is just known for winning, so much so it reached the point where the possibility of them losing just seemed impossible. Whoever they played was always the underdog, so to see them finally lose is a shock to the world. Actually, the fact that the game was close was a surprise, but then for them to lose, on a buzzer beater was something that should be in a movie.

UCONN head coach, Geno Auriemma was very humble in defeat, “Look, nobody’s won more than we’ve won. I understand losing, believe it or not. We haven’t lost in a while, but I understand it. I know how to appreciate when other people win.” It’s good to know that all the winning hasn’t caused him to be arrogant. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Huskies will be be on another streak, but just goes to show you that nothing┬álasts forever.

Drake Takes Over the World Once Again








Say what you want about Drake’s music, one thing that can’t be argued is his star power. When he releasing something new, the world stops and listens. Saturday was no different when he dropped his newest project More Life. At around 6 o’clock ET, the project could be streamed for free on OVO sound radio and it seemed like my whole Twitter timeline was live tweeting during the streaming. About an hour later, the project was released to the public.

Since coming onto the hip hop scene in 2009, with much help from rap superstar and mentor Lil Wayne, Drake’s rise to rap super stardom has been nothing short of spectacular as the world watched this awkward Jewish teen actor on ┬áDegrassi become one of the most successful rappers of all time.

Drake won over the people’s hearts with his extreme honesty and vulnerability in his music which made him relatable to just about anyone. His top notch raps mixed with his ability to sing pop melodies made Drake a force to be reckoned with that we’ve never seen before. He was destined to be a star, and the success has definitely followed.

Nowadays you can’t go anywhere without hearing his music. He owns the airwaves. If it’s not his song playing on the radio, he’s featured on a hit single. And if you’re not listening to the radio, you might hear his song playing from a car passing by, or it’ll be playing at a party because let’s face it, the man has hits for days and doesn’t seem like he’s planning on stopping anytime soon. Its no coincidence that he was Spotify’s most streamed artist last year, and his previous album was the highest rap album of the year.

Drake is bigger than just Hip-Hop these days, he’s a global superstar and the world is always watching and waiting for what “The 6 God” has next in his bag of tricks. If you’re not a fan of Drake, I suggest you get used to hearing him if you’re not already, because these days it seems the only star bigger than Drizzy is the sun.

More Life is expected to be Drake’s 7th consecutive album to debut #1 on the Billboard top 100, and it is also expected to be the biggest debut of the year and his career selling over 500000 copies in first week sales according to Billboard.