Has Nike Regained Their Status as The Most “Hyped” Sneakers?

Like it or not, this generation of sneakerheads will be defined as the hype generation. Of course in the history of sneaker culture, hype has always played a part of what shoes were successful, but I think it goes without saying that this generation has taken that to another level. With resellers and “Hypebeasts” the culture has been infested with people who will buy shoes for the sole reason that their deemed as whats hot, and not even for the fact that they like the shoe.

I think we saw a large number of that when Yeezy made the change from Nike to Adidas. We saw a huge wave of people going absolutely crazy over all his new shoes and that put a huge spike in the Adidas stock. Then there seemed to be for quite some time that Adidas was the new hyped sneaker brand; sneakers like the NMDs, and the Ultraboosts were extremely popular and successful which led to many spin-offs of the two sneakers and consumers ate them up.


So of course, Nike & Jordan were still in the mix as they always will be, but for a long time people weren’t as excited for Nikes as they once were. But it wasn’t until the Silver Bullet Air Max 97s last year where Nike had a shoe that extremely hyped. It was that moment where I noticed the tide starting to turn in Nike’s favor. And now with their collaborations with Off-White, Nike & Jordan are on fire.


With the 9 different silhouettes, every single one is extremely sought after by the sneaker community, and to me at least it looks as if Nike is back on top. Highs Nobiety ran an article of the top 10 most valuable shoes of the year (https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/valuable-sneakers-2018-q1/) , and 5 of those shoes are either Nike or Jordan .

It was only a matter of time before Nike reclaimed its throne at the top of the Hypebeast pecking order. What I’m actually looking forward to is to see what Nike does to capitalize on this, or if Adidas pulls out some new shoes to try and win back the attention of the masses. Nike vs Adidas, who do you think is better?