What Twitter Has Taught Me About Rap Beef

I think I learned a long time ago that Twitter is probably the absolute worst place to get objective opinions on pretty much everything. Twitter is the birthplace of extremely wild theories and people just saying whatever they think will get them the most Retweets or favorites. And that’s totally fine, but when it comes to actually having a real conversation about anything, Twitter should be taken as one thing and one thing only, entertainment.

Now with Pusha T dropping his response diss to Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” with his “The Story of Adidon”, it’s safe to say that a lot of Twitter fans are either new rap fans or just plain have no clue about what rap beef is actually like, or battle rap in general.

In previous disses, Pusha kept it light by talking about strictly finances and ghostwriting rumors about Drake. But since Drake mentioned Pusha T’s fiancé in his diss, I guess this was the perfect opportunity for Push to release some of the info he’s had on Aubrey for quite some time. And boy did it get one hell of a reaction.

Pusha T mentioned Drake’s alleged pornstar baby mother Rose Devine, his potential son with said pornstar, the fact that Drake struggled with his identity issues being biracial, Drake’s father abandoning him at an early age, his mom never being married, and even talked about how Drake’s producer 40 has MS and will probably die soon.Yeah, it was that deep. And maybe the worst part of it all was the cover art for the song, it was a picture of Drake in blackface! Now I don’t think I have to go into detail about how crazy that is but, yeah that’s pretty insane.

So of course, Drake fans came to his defense and they were more than displeased with Pusha’s attempt to ruin Drake’s character.

These tweets are just the example of how Drake fans argued against the diss. It even got so bad that people were making whole threads defending their 6 God. Although I can admit Pusha T’s bars were hurtful it’s nothing new to things we’ve seen in past battles between rappers. Just look at any one of them in the past and you’ll fine way worse things said, and that brings me to another point that this generation is far too sensitive but that’s a talk for another day.

If you aren’t on Twitter I suggest you make one because if nothing else, Twitter is definitely an experience when big moments in pop culture occur like this one. I can only imagine the feedback if Drake chooses to respond to this. I honestly can’t wait. I love it.

Take a listen to the monstrous diss track:


Why Making Another NBA Finals Will Hurt Lebron’s Legacy

Let’s be honest, now that we’ve watched the Celtics and Rockets basically choke away their chances at playing in the NBA Finals, we have to sit through yet another Warriors and Cavaliers championship. And again, if we’re keeping it real the Cavs have little to no chance at beating the sharpshooters that wait for them in Golden State. Which leaves me to my ultimate point, which is losing another Finals is the only thing that can hurt Lebron’s legacy.

Lebron James is a 3-time champion, 3-time Finals MVP, 4-Time MVP, 14-time All Star, 3-Time MVP of the All Star Game, 12-Time First Team All NBA, top 10 scorer of all time, the all time leader in playoff points, and the list goes on and on. The arguments for him being the greatest basketball player ever are alive and well. Lebron James has led his team to the NBA Finals 8 years in a row now, something like that sounds made up. You could list his accomplishments for days, because there’s tons of them, and yet people are holding on to one thing when it comes to the King, his finals losses.

Of course making it to the big dance every year for pretty much a whole decade is extremely impressive, but it means nothing if you’re losing all the time. And that is why Lebron may never be looked at as the “G.O.A.T.”. Of course you’ll have the people who come to his defense and say that he is over-matched in majority of the Finals series he’s played in but that doesn’t matter. Because his naysayers will always bring up his not so stellar record in the NBA Finals (he’s currently 3-5).

Golden State was a problem for Lebron before the Kevin Durant addition, but we saw last year that with him on their squad they’re pretty much unbeatable. This current Cavs team doesn’t have the star power nor the scoring ability that Golden State does, so its really hard to see an outcome in which they’re the ones carrying the Larry O’Brien trophy. But with all that being said, you should never count out someone as great as Lebron James, so we’ll just have to see how things play out.

Tune into the NBA Finals that begin at 9PM on May 31st on ABC.

Beef is Great for Hip-Hop


In case you been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, just know that we’ve been blessed with another great moment in hip-hop. Beef/tension is something that makes Rap unlike any other genre, because in this culture, rather than immediately try to squash it, we encourage it (unless it results in any violent activities then by all means we try to end it). The best part of any rap beef is when we get great music that comes from it, because in its essence, Hip-Hop is competition and hearing two emcees duke it out on tracks is the greatest. Whether its Ice Cube vs NWA, Biggie vs Pac, Jay vs Nas, 50 vs Game, or even today with Drake vs Pusha T; Hip-Hop fans relish at the opportunity to hear a great diss records.

To give some background, Pusha T has been sending shots at the head of Drake and Cash Money records for quite some time. Whether it be more subtle on a verse or more blatant on full records like “Exodus 23:1”; its safe to say that Push has wanted the smoke for quite some time. To the casual fan, putting a diss record like “Infrared” on his new album, DAYTONA may come off as a ploy to get more attention, but to the people who know, this is just Pusha being Pusha.

“The game’s fucked up
Niggas beats is bangin’, nigga, ya hooks did it
The lyric pennin’ equal the Trumps winnin’
The bigger question is how the Russians did it
It was written like Nas but it came from Quentin”

For years Pusha T has been making records like this, so of course this isn’t what made the headlines. When the snippet of this record began to surface, rumors began to circulate from Drake’s camp that a response may be in the works, but no one thought anything of it due to the fact that Drake had been ignoring him for so long.

BUT BOY WERE WE IN FOR A SURPRISE. Not only did Drake surprise the world, but he came out swinging with nothing but haymakers. From the moment Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” dropped, Twitter could not stop talking about it. And for good reason:

Must’ve had your Infrared wrong, now your head in the beam
Y’all are the spitting image of whatever jealousy breeds

Don’t push me when I’m in album mode
You not even top 5 as far as your label talent goes
You send shots, well, I got to challenge those
But I bring Calicos to the Alamo

Beef excites the hip-hop community, and if these are the type of records we’re going to get, I honestly can’t wait to hear about whatever happens next.