An Artist to be on the Lookout For

A lot of the knock on today’s hip-hop and R&B is that no one makes music about love anymore. Its all about exploiting women and being the coolest guy with the most money, but every once in a while we get a new artist who reminds us of that old R&B music that we used to love so much. That new artist is Brent Faiyaz.

The Baltimore raised crooner is the lead singer in his group Sonder who is based in LA. The 20 year old crooner has the voice that is very reminiscent of the sound that we used to hear in the 90s and even before that. It’s angelic but raw; passionate but not too aggressive. His song content as well as his aesthetic matches one of someone that doesn’t intend on “fitting in” with everyone of today’s music.

His group released their debut EP on January 27th of this year, and have already picked up some steam with his recent collaboration on “Crew” by DC-native GoldLink. The future is looking bright for Faiyaz with a sound unlike anyone else’s and the quality of music that will make any fan of R&B fall in love.

His solo EP, A.M. Paradox , which released in September of last year is available everywhere, steam it below and check him out:





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